Founded in 1997, Lifes2good
was established to bring to

clinically proven health
and beauty products that
improve people’s lives.

Lifes2good acquire early stage brands with high potential and develop them into profitable powerful brands by leveraging consumer insights, new product development and investing in science.

Vision is
the art of
seeing the

In 2017, US conglomerate Church & Dwight acquired Viviscal in a deal worth $160m. Following the divestment of Viviscal, Lifes2good strategically refocused its business and now we are partnering with entrepreneurs and inventors who are at different stages of their business development journeys.


Viviscal sold to
Church & Dwight
$160 million

I’ve got a big healthy bag of vitamins that I take three times a day, like Viviscal and your basic omegas and vitamin C. Good stuff.

Jennifer Aniston

Viviscal is the #1
and most powerful
brand in the
hair growth

#1 selling Menopause
in the US

Almost tripling net revenues in 3 years in the US.
29th Dec 2020 - Divested to Alliance Pharma for $110m